Saturday, June 1, 2013

Where The Green Rushes Grow

Steadily the stream comes to slumber between the rushes
Dragonflies dart about above the water
Their confusing movements ripple above the water
In a carnival of sorts they move

Windswept clouds, shimmering aspens, towering mountaintops
Reflecting on the quiescent water
Portray, casting themselves, as a moving portrait on canvas
Dare I move and disturb this lazy faire

As a field of wheat the rushes swirl about
Dispensed by the hand of alpine gusts
That move across these dew tipped meadows
Under a sky bathed and swallowed in blue

Thoughts have started to wander afar
On the back of childhood memories
Cares now cast, lost, just for a measure of time
I immerse myself in reminiscing and worship

As with my life’s years
These, my summer withdraws
This situate is a familiarity
As old as my years yet from the beginning of creation

Whose fingerprints are these that draw me here?
Where the fall of man seems not to have fallen
They are yours Oh Majestic Lord
This place where the green rushes grow

Copyright 2012 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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