Monday, June 10, 2013

Send Lazarus

Affluent I was the man
Copiously clothed in opulence
I ate and lived in fanciful faire
A beggar, Lazarus daily lay at my gate
No attention did I ever pay or give

So it was that I died
And Lazarus too
As the worm has turned in eternity
Being in torment
I lifted up my eyes, now beholding Lazarus
Past an abyss I cannot pass

Opulent now, the beggar becomes prince
Now he is comforted
And I, now tormented in this flame
Crying out!

Send Lazarus
Dip his finger in the water
To cool my tongue
For I am eternally tormented in this flame
But the Lord’s voice echoes
Over the abyss that cannot be overcome

Oh Lord I beg thee then
Send Lazarus to my earthly father’s dwelling
That he can testify to my folk
His Spirit echoes aloud and across

If Moses was not heard
And my prophets too
Neither will they be of persuasion
Though one rises from the dead

Copyright 2013 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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