Saturday, June 22, 2013

Me And Those Before And After

This volume of descendents I open
Written of those who came before me
As those in a family lineage

Pages yellowed and worn
Of conquests and calamities
Ends with me, an unfinished chapter

The beginning of mine mimics the same condition
Results similar
As with the ending though, my pages are white, unwritten

Through my read
I discover traits and patterns
Like them are me

Admitting I am more like them than I want
My paradigm shifts more into focus
Of learned behavior

I am my Father and Mother’s son
As they both, were sons and daughters themselves
But now, I also am eternally a son of a different Father

Interject now the Holy Spirit
My soul and flesh clash against this paradigm
He now, my only hope for transformation

From the within my inner corridors
Revolutionize me Spirit of the Living God
For I find inserted two more chapters within mine

A son and daughter
Precious more to you than me
Pages empty, their stories still to be written

Copyright  2013 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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