Monday, June 10, 2013

That Day That Moment

Tears welled in my eyes
As I beheld the Lord’s splendor
That day, that poignant moment
His fingerprints, His creation

There are no words to place here
For the dissimilar emotions I beheld
Nature and panorama colliding
Crisp, vibrant, visual, and stunning

Tears flow at this awkward moment
Sentiment surges, reaction realizing
That I will be removed from earth to heaven someday
Will essentially miss these magnificent earthly displays

I am finite yet infinite, foolish yet wise
All I know, this is the world that I am tethered to
Hitherto the paradise that awaits
Mind and spirit cannot comprehend

Creation groans, so do I
Set your mind not on earthly things I am told
Yet not I, have walked in visions of this paradise
For, no eye has seen that which awaits us

And yet, tears flow foolishly, selfishly and why?
A new earth is on the horizon
Thank you Lord for my life’s duration, eyes to have beheld
Such a sliver, such a glimpse of your majesty to come

Copyright 2013 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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