Monday, June 10, 2013

May This Dance, Have I...?

Like a gentleman on bended knee
Under this chandelier of glittering stars
Comets falling floating with parachutes
Lights the grand ballroom encapsulating us
May I, this dance have

We can waltz a path
Through blossomed orchards
Breathe deep your sweet fragrance I will
You can lead, than I
Ourselves lost in the roaming of our embrace

Moving through doorframes of the four seasons
We can uncover a silver lining of our own
Under a cotton white sun you shine, I’ll shine
Stirring a breeze that our pulses make
Absent in our wake

We can rove and effortlessly glide
Above the wave and foam of the seven seas
Or dance atop a forested canopy
Take flight, sip the sweet of the Milky Way
Gleaning secrets of our Creators’ galaxies

He will waltz us through paths of righteousness
Through splendid banquet halls of kings and queens
Dwellings of paupers and beggars
Whatever His will may be
May He be the Lord of our embrace!

Our fingers intertwined with curve and cadence
Dancing dreams are our days
From now until eternity arrives
The Spirit will be our compass
Always I will cover you in prayer

May this dance, have I…?


Copyright 2014 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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