Friday, June 7, 2013

Princess On The Blacktop

Oh the innocent flirtations of adolescent love
For the investiture of a young maiden’s affection
Watching, observing, holding my grin
I too, once was party to this faire

They bound; they dance, and innocently tease
Blooming on the blacktop
Lasses and lads
Young knights of the lunch table
Scramble for the right to another’s fondness
For youthful princesses await

Take her smile young lad!
Run, run with her
The schoolyard is your kingdom
Bound and dance amid them fair maidens
Around and around
Only once are you young I want to shout!
I do whisper though, aloud, “be carefree while you can”

Warm aspirations leap from their souls
On the cusp, parting their childhood
The true fullness of love they cannot grasp
And yet emotions are in motion

Copyright 2012 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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