Saturday, June 22, 2013

Of Days Long Gone Bye (a state of arrested decay)

The stage was foreboding, candlelight absent
And I held daybreaks of the past to blame
So the theatre hall was empty
No more were comedy and tragedy to audience themselves
The playhouse of old is emptied
Comedy and tragedy held hostage
With no ransom to be paid

Here the sonnets of Thoreau and Shakespeare were spoken
By fame and fortune seekers long forgotten
Words and dramas still cling to the rafters
Grand balls held, loves found, loves lost
Of days long gone bye

The playhouse stage stands still
Worn but sturdy
Its painted background peeling
Living memories from the past barely hanging on
Walls standing indignant of the elements surrounding
Struggling to not give in to the years and ongoing seasons

If your still…be still…still all the more
Imagine the stories to be told if these weathered walls could whisper
But nothing is heard above the unyielding desert wind
Moving dust that rises and falls with every simple step you take
No more curtain calls
Memories and times left forever in a state of arrested decay

Copyright 2012 Wandering Satellite Publishing
Dedicated to the Union Miner’s Dance Hall
Bodie Ghost Town, Bodie Ca

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