Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Somerset Bazaar

Will you be there?
Trinkets, lace, colorful thread and charms
Nestled against and amidst the forest green
A song for you I will play on my instrument
Or speak poems to you

Are you going there?
Under sycamore trees watching
Stroll the path over fallen leaves
Following the wind in your hair
Until you have arrived

I will gather myself to meet up with you
Wait will I by the well
We can leave the bazaar
The busy hum, the throng of crowd
Bartering with others we need not to

Bring with you your loom and your basket
Will you weave something special for me?
Maybe a scarf you can sew to keep winter away
With thimble and thread
I will play a song or read to you

I will play until you daydream of another situate
I will trade a poem for your darning
We can have dangling conversation
Language of words that float away
Washed away by late afternoon shadows

Until then I will musing
My thought will be of you
I will be waiting to hear of you
Your arrival
To the Somerset Bazaar

Copyright 2014 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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