Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Summer Dream That Never Was

That summer day arrived but never was
Because the sky above was never blue
Unable to squeeze the shoreline restive
For no more was the ocean
Is this just another sunshine daydream?

Waves became desiccated
So we walked the sand land, speaking intermittently
We collect, we smile
Trading sand dollars for coin
To acquire and obtain each other’s murmuring thoughts

Once saturated with marine life
We now behold with eyes of rumination
An undersea garden laid bare now unfurls itself
You take my hand with yours, we experience the coarse sense together
Of exposed pink and aqua coral reefs
Watching sea flora blooming, surrounding in a mayhem of colors

A single seahorse arrives, seemingly misplaced
With eyes beckoning us to journey
Under a fuller sun we mount our steed
He bears us through the romance of this all
I look back but there are no hoof prints

For us, some kind reckoning now initiates
I have never felt more alive…but a sense of sagacity grips me
Am I dreaming? Or is it you?

Copyright 2014 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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