Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A Nighttime Flight

Brushing supple aspen branches aside
Under stars twinkling exceeding above
Drawing breath in the nighttime mountain air
Groping, moving, feeling my way, at ease
Verily this path have I rambled on many a time

Branches give way to the diminutive clearing
An alpine meadow sweats its scents
I do not feign, or hold my enthusiasm
Forward I look to my nighttime flight

Recollections of summers spent
Deluge emotions of my early youth
As I now stand before “the tree”
Still sturdy all these years

She is still there, waiting for me…my swing
A weather beaten board
Her ropes still clinging
Reaching up to the uppermost chambers of the pine

I sit, grabbing the bulky ropes
Feeling the all too familiar roughness
Still for awhile, eyes shut
Listen do I

Quiet envelops all around
The forest lays silent
The ropes moan and ache in movement
Back and forth…gently, ever so slowly my pace stirs
Tree, rope and board creaking with age

I now am on my nighttime flight…alone
Blinking, winking stars and the Milky Way come into view
Then momentarily disappears under the pine
Then returns in my movements

I have the sense of a child again
Free from care
To wonder and dream
And for this night, just for a few moments…to fly

Copyright 2014  Wandering Satellite Publishing

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