Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Beyond Wild Blue Yonder

Roll back the sky Oh Lord
Peel back the wild blue yonder
That I may receive a diminutive glimpse
Of your Heavenly throne room

Let the clouds caught in vacuity drawn
Become my chariot
This bright vivid sun blotted out
Drowned out by your magnificent brilliant glory

Kneel will I at your throne
Eyes kept prostrate
Unable to glance up, your brilliance, your love too intense
But I see the scars in your feet Oh my King

Twenty four elders bow, cast their crowns before thee
Before you, I too cast my life’s crown
In the midst of angelic beings’ thundering chorus
“Worthy, Worthy the Lamb that was slain”

Before your throne of mercy
Here the aroma of incense permeates my soul
While peals of thunder commence, resound
Splendidly sounding like a sweet refrain

Here a man has no utterance
Nothing to paint with words or expression
Yet my spirit coalesced with yours
Bears me to be in Your presence

Beyond my flesh though
My spirit cries out for refreshment
Be glory and honor and power
Be Yours Lord Jesus forever

Copyright 2014 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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