Saturday, June 25, 2016

Warm Aspirations

Hushed and gentle words aright
I would speak into your heart
Beside the pulsing tide and moonlight

Would a tender whisper
A kiss on the forehead
Put a wind in your sails and mine
So we could glide into the day’s ending time

I wonder about soft lace
Your surrendered touch
If we would embrace

Would I watch our footprints behind us?
Disappearing back into the sea
Or would I shut my eyes, ever so tightly

Would the tender breeze from the sea
Stir wisps of your hair into your entrancing stare
With gentle fingers, over your ear

I would remove with care
Would it cause your heart to succumb?
To reveal that glint in your eyes
Would it put a smile into the existing one?

With wonder and praying
How is it that you are so captivating?
A thread you have pulled
Unraveling a heart of solitude

Life is still and composed
Until again, my eyes of you behold
Warm aspirations, reality, conflict between
Like the opposites clamor and serene

I wonder and pray to my Lord to tell
Yet these warm aspirations for you, still do not dispel

Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing

Monday, August 10, 2015

Filling The Bucket Moon

Surreptitiously I move along in serendipity
Grabbing bucket and spoon
Under the cover of a midnight full moon and simmering stars
To gather a treasure for my love

Moving towards the lakeshore
I meander towards my aim
Scrutinizing the moon resting on the calm of the waters
Wading into the cool I go

With spoon in hand, I begin filling the bucket with the moon
Taking many excursions, many a night
But every night on my clandestine rendezvous
Looking up, it is revealed that it has become a crescent contour

Slowly, over time I am gathering up the moon
I bother not that it may be a shadow from above, for I am in love
For inside my bucket, a radiance glows
Chary do I, not to drop a beam unto the ground

For I wait for my love
Yet she is nowhere to be found
But when she comes
I have such a gift to give

Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Sunbeams And Bittersweet Things

Sunbeam smile and the little things
Trinkets delicately placed in your hair
Of you I think about
When you were small, with me, were not here

You will always be my little sunshine
Yes, that’s Daddy’s name I have given you
Dolls with dust, you’re growing up
What’s a Father to do?

From a rocking chair
Remembering distant wakeful nights
Of praying over you latent in my arms
Oh precious those days, have taken flight 

You used to waddle and frolic
In the autumn leaves I would rake
Leaning against my tool I would watch
Piles you tried to make

Sunday morning’s ritual curling iron
The baton has been passed to you 
Little golden curls I used to make
Have I now been forced to eschew

The radio flyer wagon, peeling wooden rails
Still rests in the garage, garnered with rust
Could sit you and your brother
But you in front, was always a must

Our conversations now have deepened
Missing bittersweet those days wishing you could speak
Our idiom then
Was when our eyes and smiles would meet

Sights and memories, bygone days, slide into the past
Of a daughter that’s growing older in bursts
Pray for Daddy my dear one
For every new day, as your father, will always be my first

Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing


Monday, June 29, 2015

Love And Forgiveness

Love is painful
Through this you know it’s indisputable
You feel it deeply
Breathtakingly alive
How you respond is revealing
Bitterness can be a constant thorn
Choosing longsuffering, a road less traveled is maturity
Forgiveness is not always easy
At times, it is more painful than the wound suffered
To forgive the one who inflicted
And yet, there is no true peace without it

Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Too Grey And Close To Blue

I am on my way to catch that ray of the sun
That some have already begun to feel
Under a blue sky veiled by grey
But how can I see with sight within the heart
When my revolution clings
With a civil war going on in the inside

Tending to peer within
Looking for my shadows in seasons past
I banter wits with the winds narration
Its resolve always pushing to the future, always tomorrow
In its reveal, it’s constant, a promise taken for granted
Like the sun assured, it always rises, everyday

Trying to distinguish, recounting
The heart’s hopes and daydreams of the future passed
All of us
Have laughed when we were to cry
And cry when we were to laugh

Our lives have not lived up to our dreams
So how does one reconcile, sauntering a path of broken glass?
Are dreams really shooting stars breaking up in the constellations of life imaginations?
Or is our objective in existence been skewed

Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing

Monday, May 11, 2015

Where Dreams Go To Die

Ah…that would be us, the human being
This is where dreams go to die
That never ending pursuit of happiness
Dangled emotional puppet strings in obverse of us

We all desire to be loved, to create, desire, inspire, and accomplish
It springs forth like an oasis
But inevitably a mirage
From our first cries from the womb to our last throes of breath

While attainable degrees exist
Our upbringing, decisions, acts of will upon us
Always puts the human being on a collision course with reality
I dare say, we all expected life to be different than it has turned out

Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing

Friday, January 30, 2015

Breathless Is....

Breathless is...You
Cleansed in all of the Lord’s Righteousness and Beauty
That completes you
In the apple of God’s eye
You are His creation and Wonder to behold

Breathless is…You
On the day that you were born, when the earthly heaven’s shook
The stars gave up their radiant glow for you as they fell about your face
Angel’s lullabies and praises were sung over you
As God’s destiny and will cradled you His beloved Daughter

Breathless is…You
Leaving me, scattered, shimmering
Like the day’s last beams of a setting sun glancing off the waves of the ocean
Bouncing, crashing back and forth into each other in rhythm and harmony

Breathless is…You
The place where you leave me
Caught somewhere between
The day’s end of a blissful daydream and
The encroaching enchantment of a still sihllouted evening

Breathless is…You
Walking by, seemingly floating, your hair moves with you wistfully, in a grand ballet
Like a warm summer breeze that caress’s ones face, something to be felt, seen, enjoyed
A smile that burns deep from within, so bright that it could melt stone
Stunning are the eyes, that make you, they laugh and cry, they mesmerize

Breathless is…Simply you
And all that my eyes and soul have gathered
Simply you and all the grandeur that God has created
In His image, You are, Fearfully and Wonderfully made

May You Be Blessed Of The Lord!!

 Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing