Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wholly Surrendered

Like the wise men before me
Bearing gifts of myrrh and spices
Brushing aside the veil humbly
Because of the crimson stain, I kneel

Laying before you what is me
A bottle sealed with tears
Of dashed dreams, pains past
Of medals, ribbons with flair
Declaring victories of times of yore

A weathered leathered bound book
Written of my life that is no longer mine
In your presence, you’re Spirit within me
Pull my flesh from my soul
It is I who no longer live but Christ in me

May I see my self righteousness burned like dross
My entire carnal hopes carried away captive
May I then encourage myself in you Jesus
For whom can I turn, you have the Words of Life

For in you I move and have my being
You cause my heart to beat
Coursing blood through my veins
Lungs respire, inhaling and exhaling

This is the consign
To where I want to be established
For here is the furtive place of rest and joy
Not my will, desires or dreams be done
I need yours Oh Sovereign Lord, My Daddy

Copyright 2012 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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