Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Roaming The Sands Of The Hourglass

Photographs are keepsakes
Souvenirs of another occasion
A footprint of the mind’s eye and heart
We live to relive some of them
The want
The need
To share
To feel the thread of sentiment again
That wove the experience
Yet the hourglass continues on
Like life
And so we roam
Looking for the next keepsake
Momentarily soothing and satisfying
Attempts to return to a place that was
Will not receive with open arms
Yet we grasp for it like sand held in a fist tightly
Holding it for a time
Before it slips through our fingers
Even the hand of The Lord Almighty
Adds no sorrow to a blessing
But within the hourglass
Even blessings after time lose their luster
Our flesh sees to that unfortunate side of us
Truth be said
This world is not my home
Yet for some they roam
Seeking the past for now that cannot be
Roaming the sands of the hour glass

Copyright 2013 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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