Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Invitation Fountain

There is a fountain
His name is Jesus
From Him flows everlasting life
If any are tired, thirsty, come and drink

He has prepared for you a place
Come, sit at His table, sit and drink
Find your cup spilling over
With streams of living water

He who thirsts, is tired and desires life
Can partake freely
So take His cup in hand
Come, eat from this Bread of Life

All who sit here are unworthy, yet welcome
Come, sit with all your filth, sin and brokenness
Here there is nothing to give, to pay
This meal, a new life awaiting you, is paid in full

All who recline at this table
Will trade their rags for robes of righteousness
Never to leave His presence
Receive freely Jesus’ shed blood on the cross

At this table Love and Grace flows endlessly forever
Your invitation awaits you at the table setting
Your name engraved forever in the Book of Life
Waiting for the always imperfect ones to sit

A cross and an empty tomb overshadows this table
In time, at this table
You will find restoration, deliverance, freedom and more
Come sit, Jesus is waiting for you
Come, I invite you to the invitation fountain

Copyright 2013 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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