Thursday, July 18, 2013

Battle Of A Lifetime

The toughened bellow came
I rose and ran, weapons in hand
Confident, undaunted
Bullets fly, from both sides, zipping, whistling, from every direction
Hitting flesh, ripping, tearing
Cannon shells explode, plummet all around
Smoke fills my eyes…blinding
In trepidation and dread my flesh crawls
Death and ruin surround

As the panorama plain burns aglow
Steadfast I keep my way towards victory
Death wins, death loses
Life wins, life loses
I have struck blows upon the enemy
But in the chaos I have struck my own
Ground is gained; ground is lost and gained again

Seemingly a lifetime but I have survived
From hell and back
Realized, my Lord has sustained me
As in a surreal dream
I draw a breath
Wearily I shut these eyes
Turning my back to the battlefield
Face bloodied, caked with dirt
Rivulets of dried tears stain my cheeks
Burned in by the sun

The smoke clears
Seemingly another lifetime I open my eyes
Turn my head to look back
Gaze up into the sun
Taking in its warmth God has made
I gaze over this panorama He led me across

Through and by His Spirit
I realize I hold no malice, no hate, and no guilt
For every destructive battle, my own or from another
All I have are memories to remember
Good ones, cherished…all other memories are dead
Graves I used to walk about
Now hidden amongst a healing bloom

There are more fights of faith to be fought ahead
Yet my Lord will lead me…Victory is His

Copyright 2013 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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