Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A Clamor Serene

Noise can be beautiful
Quiet alarming, exposing oneself
Repose and confidence shall be my serenity

Subjugation, suppression of flesh against the soul
Effectual, eventual, is the Almighty’s prose
Grace that pulsates my very being

To him who struggles, whose heart is not wrought?
I have reprieve
Found worthy because I deem truth, to be living, alive

Like the wind
You perceive its effects, yet though
One cannot touch or much less contain with sight

So it is with His Spirit
With stillness, He takes up residence
Segregating flesh and essence

Flesh still occupies, the Spirit has conquest
Show me a man who clamors for peace
And I, will tell of him the truth serene

 Copyright 2012 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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