Saturday, June 25, 2016

Warm Aspirations

Hushed and gentle words aright
I would speak into your heart
Beside the pulsing tide and moonlight

Would a tender whisper
A kiss on the forehead
Put a wind in your sails and mine
So we could glide into the day’s ending time

I wonder about soft lace
Your surrendered touch
If we would embrace

Would I watch our footprints behind us?
Disappearing back into the sea
Or would I shut my eyes, ever so tightly

Would the tender breeze from the sea
Stir wisps of your hair into your entrancing stare
With gentle fingers, over your ear

I would remove with care
Would it cause your heart to succumb?
To reveal that glint in your eyes
Would it put a smile into the existing one?

With wonder and praying
How is it that you are so captivating?
A thread you have pulled
Unraveling a heart of solitude

Life is still and composed
Until again, my eyes of you behold
Warm aspirations, reality, conflict between
Like the opposites clamor and serene

I wonder and pray to my Lord to tell
Yet these warm aspirations for you, still do not dispel

Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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