Monday, August 10, 2015

Filling The Bucket Moon

Surreptitiously I move along in serendipity
Grabbing bucket and spoon
Under the cover of a midnight full moon and simmering stars
To gather a treasure for my love

Moving towards the lakeshore
I meander towards my aim
Scrutinizing the moon resting on the calm of the waters
Wading into the cool I go

With spoon in hand, I begin filling the bucket with the moon
Taking many excursions, many a night
But every night on my clandestine rendezvous
Looking up, it is revealed that it has become a crescent contour

Slowly, over time I am gathering up the moon
I bother not that it may be a shadow from above, for I am in love
For inside my bucket, a radiance glows
Chary do I, not to drop a beam unto the ground

For I wait for my love
Yet she is nowhere to be found
But when she comes
I have such a gift to give

Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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