Monday, September 1, 2014

Under A Revolving Carousel Moon

Oh how these days have changed
They charge on leisurely yet violently in these waning days
Global news is never good anymore
I mutter to myself “These are not the days of my childhood anymore”

Walk will I, now, down this misplaced country lane to find a grassy knoll
Laying down, settling my eyes to the low lying horizon
Fixing my thoughts back to my early days
I will reside here until the promise comes
The revolving carousel moon crests the hills

When the moment is right
Taken will I upon a carousel ride, this twilight dream come true
Calliope music fills the carnival atmosphere while ribbon and flair flow
Pondering the earth below…pondering the heaven’s promises
I have decided to set the grand statuette horses free
Free from their golden poles, free from their up and down gallop

Free to run the evening sky’s meadows forever
The firmament spread out in brilliance, a heavenly corral
There are millions of stars to feed on
When the day arrives they will be ridden no more

I will tie childhood memories to the ribbon and flair  
I then will be liberated to the luminaries
Up here they will float for eternity
Away from the pull of the earth’s waning days and gravity
Here I will stay on this merry go round
My promise received
Upon this revolving carousel moon

Copyright 2014 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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