Monday, September 1, 2014

Springtime On Parade

Springtime’s silhouettes
Unhurriedly but surely
Overtakes winter’s shadows
Oh so, so quietly thieving back her season 

I have been eyeing you in your pre-dawn moods
Pulling the sun up seasonally earlier
Bedding the night to its delayed slumber
As the days breed longer

There is that familiar fresh chill
You have chased into the air
Vetting early daybreak and belated the evening
Stirred, invigorated, I am for you

I will capture your offer fair maiden
Your arrival, I shall embrace, a springtime pageantry on parade
Grab will I, your gentle drift of lavender and honeysuckle
Into my lungs, inhaling creation’s incense

I shall blow you a kiss
Just to watch it wane on the wind
Will you sense it settle upon your lips
Stay with me onward as we go I plead you

For in a point in time
Abscond will you
Giving of yourself to another season
But for now I am for you and you for me

Copyright 2014 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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