Saturday, March 9, 2013

Lunar Shadows (Je t’ordonne d’ adieu)

Lunar shadows
Descend, descending upon you
Crafting a shadow upon the sand
Instead of one, of you, there are two

From the moon I observe
Where you sent me
How your dress dances against you
By the ocean mist blowing in from the sea

Walking all alone like a love song
Gathered had I opals, pearls and dreams to share with you
But lost them I did riding the back of a gull
Soaring back from the white moon with dust and dew

Dolphin come to you by the edge of the ocean
To hear your thoughts echo across the tide cascading
I strain hard to hear what they hear
Can they, you, hear my prayer is dawdling, fading

Some dreams like galaxies are out of reach
The blossom that once was alive
Becomes fading starlight
Wondering back in prayerful reflection the blossom dies

It’s been said faith is the substance of things hoped for
So I call out to you my love song, fare thee well
Adieu ma chanson d’amour…!
Adieu ma chanson d’amour…!
Copyright 2012 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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