Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Too Grey And Close To Blue

I am on my way to catch that ray of the sun
That some have already begun to feel
Under a blue sky veiled by grey
But how can I see with sight within the heart
When my revolution clings
With a civil war going on in the inside

Tending to peer within
Looking for my shadows in seasons past
I banter wits with the winds narration
Its resolve always pushing to the future, always tomorrow
In its reveal, it’s constant, a promise taken for granted
Like the sun assured, it always rises, everyday

Trying to distinguish, recounting
The heart’s hopes and daydreams of the future passed
All of us
Have laughed when we were to cry
And cry when we were to laugh

Our lives have not lived up to our dreams
So how does one reconcile, sauntering a path of broken glass?
Are dreams really shooting stars breaking up in the constellations of life imaginations?
Or is our objective in existence been skewed

Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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