Friday, January 30, 2015

Breathless Is....

Breathless is...You
Cleansed in all of the Lord’s Righteousness and Beauty
That completes you
In the apple of God’s eye
You are His creation and Wonder to behold

Breathless is…You
On the day that you were born, when the earthly heaven’s shook
The stars gave up their radiant glow for you as they fell about your face
Angel’s lullabies and praises were sung over you
As God’s destiny and will cradled you His beloved Daughter

Breathless is…You
Leaving me, scattered, shimmering
Like the day’s last beams of a setting sun glancing off the waves of the ocean
Bouncing, crashing back and forth into each other in rhythm and harmony

Breathless is…You
The place where you leave me
Caught somewhere between
The day’s end of a blissful daydream and
The encroaching enchantment of a still sihllouted evening

Breathless is…You
Walking by, seemingly floating, your hair moves with you wistfully, in a grand ballet
Like a warm summer breeze that caress’s ones face, something to be felt, seen, enjoyed
A smile that burns deep from within, so bright that it could melt stone
Stunning are the eyes, that make you, they laugh and cry, they mesmerize

Breathless is…Simply you
And all that my eyes and soul have gathered
Simply you and all the grandeur that God has created
In His image, You are, Fearfully and Wonderfully made

May You Be Blessed Of The Lord!!

 Copyright 2015 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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