Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Beginning, The End and Everything In Between

From the cradle to the grave man carries a certain burden
Like a ball and chain…mortality
How does one wander about the gates of hell
Mistaking it for some kind heaven
For some I observe, they live their days akin to a life of wine and roses
Smelling the decay but calling it perfume

What is…in the in between?
Soulful existence, just being, punctuated with bit moments of joy
Swift curtain calls of comedy and tragedy
Seasons within seasons blustering in, blowing out
How does one truly find contentment in this gift called life?

Everything in between never quenches the soul
Always, it is searching, looking for fulfillment
In every sunny area, in every dark corner of the attic
As a human being
Not one, cannot escape this condition
Are we, as one wise king lamented!
Gratification from this world is “a chasing after the wind?”

The end though, is as the beginning
It starts with a breath and ending with one
Alas, the question remains for some
What comes next?
For me contentment is my faith in Jesus Christ
Faith is the substance of things hoped for
The evidence of things not yet seen

Copyright 2104 Wandering Satellite Publishing

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